General Questions

With the move to Yardi 7S, the existing work order portal, myTowne, is no being used for work order processing.

When residents need to submit a work order, they will need to go to


There is a message on the myTowne site that explains this, but, they may not have seen it. myTowne has been shut down with the move to Yardi 7S. They will need to click on the “Click to Register” button the first time and have their t-code available.

The Submit a Work Order link has been updated on each community website as well.

When printing your coupon PDF, make sure to choose “Actual Size”.  Fit, Shrink, Custom Scale options will make the coupons NOT line up with the perforations on the coupon paper.  Example Print Setup Screen Shot


Follow these instructions if you have a browser compatibility issue.

Click on YAPI package to download the file. If you need more information, download the instructions.

Although most of Yardi 7S is browser agnostic, meaning you can use any browser, the Payscan portion is not and requires Internet Explorer.

Yes, there is a slight difference. Coupons don’t use Crystal reports any more. In the Crystal report viewer, there was a “Print” button at the top. Now, the coupons open up in the adobe viewer. You must click on “Export drop down menu” to print.

Although there is not a “Scan” button, there is an “Open PDF”  button. You will scan your invoices on to your PC and then use this button to “find” and import the invoices.

You will use the same login information (username and password) that you had previously been using.

Payscan is now integrated into Yardi 7S and there is no need for a second login. Refer to the Payscan manual for more details.

The url for Yardi 7S will be the same url you were using for Yardi 6.